6:58pm 03-23-2023


Favorite color:

Thanks for the comment on my guestbook! Your site hella cool, and please go ahead and use whatever graphics u like
4:27pm 02-16-2023
I saw the wonderful comment you left on my site, so I decided to check yours out and I ended up binging your entire comic in one go! I love your characters so much!!! I just want to bash them all together in the nicest way possible! (I suppose that’s what washing machines are for) I love the Sherlock/Moriarty Jekyll/Hyde thing going on with Hyde and Dakota! I’m going to stop now, but I think you get the idea. <3
9:47pm 02-12-2023
Thank you for the comment you left on my guestbook! Your site is very cozy and I really like the color scheme. The graphics in the For You section are really pretty! I especially like the subtle Homestuck zodiac signs haha.
12:45pm 01-12-2023
love the walt pizza throw stamp and the better call saul button u have on here, definetly gonna save those to use for myself those r my favorite shows and ive been trying to find graphics related to them for awhile
12:45pm 01-04-2023
Testing, testing, one, two...